East Noble School Corporation

East Noble Middle School
Kendallville, Indiana
East Noble Middle School located in Kendallville, Indiana has a mission to "maximize potential in all people every day" for its seventh & eighth grade students. At East Noble, students study Asian cultures, history, & religion in their social studies courses.
For more information on East Noble Middle School, please visit http://ms.eastnoble.net/Pages/Default.aspx.

Teacher Comments
What do you think are the benefits associated with having students study Asian culture & language? How does this also benefit your school?
"The students' vision has been expanded by knowing how different Asian culture, food, & history are from the United States."
How has the Asian Learning Center of Indiana helped you to identify good practices for Asian studies & language at your school?
"ALCI helps with guest speaker, building more networking for the teachers & school, & providing additional resources in understanding Asian culture, history, & religion."
What do you think students find most exciting about studying Asian languages and/or culture?
"Kids LOVE the Asian food, cities, & cultures. They feel very intrigued by the differences of different cultures."