Burmese Resources and Tools

Project Overview

More than 7,000 Burmese refugees live in Indiana. Their needs for health, food, clothing, transportation, language, and education are mounting and are still unmet. The Burmese project is a pilot project initiated by the International Center. It focuses on understanding and supporting the Burmese American community organizations in Indiana by leveraging resources in the community and strengthening partnerships among the various service providers. Burmese Americans have witnessed a rapid increase in Indiana since 2006 and have become an important stream of the Asian American community. Asian Learning Center of Indiana can contribute its business models, resources, network, and expertise to the Burmese project.

Project Goals

  •     Increasing understanding of the broader community's support to Burmese American
  •     Strengthen the partnership of service providers for Burmese community
  •     Enhancing the capacity of Burmese community organizations

Major Activities

  •        Burmese Service Providers Retreat

The Retreat brings together Burmese service providers, government agencies, philanthropic funders, and community leaders to strengthen understanding the needs of the Burmese community and catalyzing partnership building between the Burmese community and broader Indiana community. Click here to learn more about our retreat.  

  •       Inside the Burmese American Community

As catalyst for Global Indiana, the International Center takes an initiative to create a vehicle for strengthening understanding and communication among the Burmese American Community and broader community of Indiana. The open and informal style of Inside the Burmese American Community is intended to encourage information exchange among and between communities. Read previous publications here.  

  •      Online Resources on Burmese Service Providers

This resource fair is to help broader community better understand a variety of service available to Burmese refugees and thus connect  the community to the service providers.

Below you will find links to service providers that address critical needs faced by Burmese community in Indiana, including:

More Information About Burmese Refugees

Who is a refugee? Why are they here? What are their needs?
Please click here for a fact sheet on Burmese refugees.
Please click here to understand more about Burmese refugees in Indiana. (This material is provided by Catholic Charities Fort-Wayne)
Watch an award-winning movie on Burmese refugee life in USA. 


The Burmese Project History

     The Burmese Project, begun in 2011, is a pilot program initiated by The International Center. Originally spearheaded by Stephen Zurcher, former director of the Asian Learning Center of Indiana, being incubated by The Center, the Burmese Projecs original idea was to establish an umbrella organization that could provide various services to the Burmese refugee community. Approximately 20 partners were involved in the initial planning process.
     In August of 2011, The International Center officially launched the Burmese project with joint-funding from The Clowes Fund and Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.  The Asian Learning Center of Indiana (ALCI) continues to host this project, and Ms. Lijun He, a graduate assistant from the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy, manages the project.