About Us

Currently in incubation through The International Center, the Asian Learning Center of Indiana (ALCI) educates, connects, and engages Hoosiers to all areas of Asian culture and history. In addition, the ALCI helps Indiana explore emerging business opportunities through public, private, community, and business partnerships.

Its education programs encompass Asian study resources for K-12 schools and universities and extend to worksite cultural and business diversity training for Indiana companies. The ALCI also engages Indiana's Asian community to advance Hoosier education and economic development through culturally integrated programs and activities.

Through a statewide business partnership, the ALCI supports the needs of Asian companies doing business in Indiana and Indiana companies expanding to Asia.

The Asian Learning Center of Indiana supporters include community organizations, business and government entities, and Indiana's public and private educational institutions. The Asian Learning Center of Indiana anticipates completing its incubation by Spring 2013 when it will stand alone as a 501(c) organization.

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ALCI Annual Report, 2011